About Us

Wikifireworks is a publicly maintained database of consumer fireworks. Users can quickly search for, group, and sort products by attributes including type, brand, duration, and effect. Fireworks contain one or more images, videos, and can be edited by any user to most accurately describe the product. All user edits are tracked and logged to create a history against the item.

In addition to searching and viewing, Wikifireworks supports user-tagging of items. By tagging items, you can create your own personal lists for different shows, or even sections of shows. You can easily print and export lists, and even search within tagged lists.

To help individuals quickly find the best fireworks, Wikifireworks has created a "best of" section whereby users can nominate fireworks for best of categories. Within these categories, users can up- and down- vote fireworks to create a "reddit-style" ranking which provides an accurate public view into popularity by category. Users can also suggest additional categories for use within the website.

By combining powerful search, user tagging, public editing, a "best of" ranking system, and personalized reviews, we can provide a tool for individuals to quickly identify and maintain lists of items they are interested in using during their shows.

Wikifireworks is free for users, and is considered a tool for the people, open to all suggestions to help improve the ease-of-use and accuracy of fireworkscontent. Whether you're looking to help contribute and maintain content, or just have fun searching the website and building tagged lists, you are welcome!

For any suggestions, please use our suggestion forum, or contact us directly at ssmith@wikifireworks.com, or call Scott Smith at 518-222-7410.

Scott Smith
Founder, Wikifireworks.com