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  1. NightLighter has added Manufacturer part number GM536, added Duration 25, added new video 76 Pro Line - 90s Z Multicolor Falling Leaves on 30/08/2018
  2. NightLighter has added new video GM536 90s Z Multicolor Falling Leaves on 25/07/2015
  3. moparman has added new video Multicolor Falling Leaves 1 on 01/03/2015
  4. moparman has added Items Per Case 2 on 01/03/2015
  5. moparman has added Construction Zipper on 01/03/2015
  6. FRB has changed Shot Count from 0 to 90 on 18/08/2014
  7. FRB has added new image Multicolor Falling Leaves - 90 Shot on 22/03/2014
  8. FRB has changed description from to Multicolor Falling Leaves - 90 Shot Multi Shots 500 Grams | GM536 Packaging: 2/1 Weight: 42.00 lbs Brand: 76 Pro Line Each shot of this cake contains red, yellow, green and blue falling leaves. 9 rows, each with 10 shots zip back-and-forth across the sky. A great low-level effect that works great as a quiet segment for your show, or topped with RL225 Supernova Cans. on 22/03/2014
  9. FRB has deleted Effects and added Effects Falling Leaf on 12/03/2014

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