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  1. moparman has deleted video , added new video Smoke 1 on 15/02/2015
  2. moparman has added Shot Count 9 on 15/02/2015
  3. FRB has changed name from SMOKE to Smoke on 16/03/2014
  4. moparman has changed Brand from Big to Dragon, deleted Colors , deleted video A few Fireworks and yes, still raining here, big yellow smoke canister, deleted video Fireworks - big ass smoke, deleted video Big Al's Fireworks; Smoke Grenade, deleted video big fireworks smoke ball, deleted video Gran Turismo 5 - SSR 7 Night and Fireworks! (Big Smoke at the end!), deleted video ** HD ** Japanese Fireworks 2009 ( Smoke and Big Shell ), deleted video Biggest smoke bomb ( Excalibur ), deleted video requested re-upload, big smoke, rockets, firecrackers..oldie but goodie, deleted video Big Smoke, deleted video BIG SMOKE BOMB, deleted video Big Smoke Bomb, deleted video BIG Smoke Grenade!!!, deleted video GTA San Andreas Gameplay -Big Smoke- Mission 1, deleted video BIG SMOKE GRENADE, deleted video Kas Suiker Rookbom in Hilversum (very big smoke bomb), deleted video big smoke bomb in the house!! on 12/03/2014
  5. Joel Robinson added firework Smoke on 21/12/2013

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